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Link Mountain Standard Penetration Testing Costs

You might wonder why we publish our penetration testing prices.

Other penetration testing vendors are reluctant to do so, and provide reasons why it 'makes sense' to keep that information from you until they have a chance to speak with you directly. Many even go so far as to suggest that any company who publishes penetration testing prices must be ignoring the complexities involved or over charging for inferior service. Frankly, we think that any vendor who will not publish even basic pricing for penetration testing is simply afraid to do so.

Link Mountain does not employ any direct sales staff. We focus on client relationship building and service delivery, and let our prospective clients find us - as you just did. We are not afraid to show you how much our penetration testing costs because our costs are reasonable, due primarily to high efficiency and low sales overhead. If you want a more thorough treatment of claims made by other vendors about why publishing pen test prices is a bad thing, and our answers to them, we've put them all together for you here: Why we publish our penetration testing prices.

Link Mountain has conducted hundreds of penetration tests and application security reviews for banks, hospitals, universities, law enforcement agencies, defense contractors and merchants over the last decade. We have extensive experience and understand the complexities. Our standard testing includes full manual review of all applications in scope and extensive manual testing by our certified security professionals, in addition to automated scanning. In short, we have a lot of experience and provide quality service.

The following penetration testing cost table is applicable to standard remote penetration testing costs. This includes penetration testing for PCI compliance, other compliance drivers, and basic, best practice penetration testing, subject to any specific agreement terms. It doesn't cover every possibility, but most engagements will need little or no adjustment. If you have more than 100 hosts to test, or more than 5 web applications, we can probably quote you less, so please contact us.

Remote Penetration Testing
Cost Card

Penetration Testing Prices current as of today, 04/23/2018

Description Price
Base penetration testing price, Up to 32 IPs, No Apps $6,000
Additional blocks of 32 IP addresses, for network penetration testing $2,000
Price is for penetration testing of one web application or web service* $2,900
Price applies to penetration testing of additional web applications or web services* $1,900
Internal penetration test surcharge** $1,500

*First web application or web service is determined without combining internal and external viewpoints. Example: If you have an internal test and an external test, both with a web application, they are both priced as a first web application. The discount for subsequent applications is given for efficiencies gained when the the applications are in the same testing viewpoint. Web Application and Web Service penetration tests are added to the Base Penetration Testing Price. If you require a web application test, but do not need the Network and Host configuration testing that is standard with the Base Price, just contact us, we can probably substitue the web application test and do the job for you at the Base Price.

**All prices except the internal testing surcharge are the same for remote internal or external testing. The surcharge applies only to remote internal testing.

All prices are in US Dollars. If you have more than 100 hosts to test, or more than 5 web applications, we can probably quote you a discount, so please contact us.

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